I started taking pictures before I was a teenager and even then I was experimenting with the camera and had a desire to take interesting photos. Once I was 16, I got my first SLR and so my creativity ran wild. It was around this age when I started climbing, it took over my life. Climbing has a way of shaping you as a person, making you more determined and focused on your goals, it teaches you that nothing is impossible and gives you a confidence that leaks out into other things you do. Just like climbing, photography is a challenge and very rewarding. Climbing and photography by themselves are a way of life, combining my two passions had inadvertently formed a career.

In addition to taking pictures of climbers, I also take on commissioned work such as weddings and portraiture. I have a distinctive style that creeps into each job I do, born from inspiration I gain from other photographers and mixed with my own personal touch during post production, I offer an image that can only be found from a handful of artistic photographers.